Video Tutorials

Square Break Tool Video

  1. Square Break Tool Video
  • The square break tool allows you to move a portion of a wall to create an offset, jog, or a nook area. This tool is especially helpful when creating a pantry area in a kitchen, storage room in a basement, closet in a bedroom, etc… Once the tool is loaded on your cursor, you will see your cursor become a square break tool.

Roof sketch from footprint

  1. Roof Sketch From Footprint
  • Sketching a footprint or outline of a building is extremely helpful for complex roofs with multiple overbuilds. Doing this will help snap your roof line to the outline of the main structure.

Roof Sketch Basics

  1. Roof Sketch Basics
  • You will discover that sketching roofs in Xactimate is quite easy. With a few simple steps, you will be able to use the Roof Tool to diagram a variety of different roof shapes and styles in sketch. You will also learn to sketch roof tie – ins (overbuilds) and group multiple roofs together.

Line Item Search Methods

  1. Line Item Search Methods
  • Because there are thousands of line items in Xactware’s pricing data, several methods are available to search the price list for the item you need. The following search methods are available right at your fingertips.
  • Category/Selector Code Search
  • Keyword Search
  • Related Item Search
  • Similar Item Search
  • Search Price List by Division
  • Reference Search

Interior Sketch Basics

  1. Interior Sketch Basics
  • Learn how to efficiently create floor plan diagrams using the room tool. In addition you will learn how to use other helpful tools such as the Door, Window, Missing Wall, Staircase, Square Break, and Reference Area Tools.

Creating and Retrieving Macros

  1. Creating and Retrieving Macros
  • Ever wish you could save estimate line items and retrieve them later when you encounter the same type of loss to save you time and effort? Xactimate allows you to create, save, and retrieve macros to help you estimate faster and more efficiently.

Create Wall Openings Video

  1. Create Wall Openings Video
  • Learn where to find and understand how to use the Door, Window, and Missing Wall tools to help you create accurate sketches and decrease the time it takes for you to create them.

Create an Estimate From Start to Finish

  1. Create an Estimate From Start to Finish
  • Once you have opened a new project, creating an estimate in Xactimate is a simple 5 – step process:
  • Claim Info
  • Sketch
  • Estimate Items
  • Complete
  • Print

As you become familiar with each of these steps, you will become an accurate and efficient Xactimate estimator.

3D View Estimation

  1. 3D View Estimation
  • While in Sketch 3D, you can load line items and apply them to a 3D view of a structure. The items will be accurately added to your estimate based on the dimensions of your sketch to make you more efficient.