Why Xactimate with Sketch is Essential to being a successful professional Adjuster?

We focus our software training on Xactimate because the majority of carriers that require specific software use Xactimate. Xactimate is recognized as the most widely used estimating software by insurance carriers across the country.

As the technical requirements to file a claim become more complex, it is important to stay up to date with advanced Xactimate skills.

Becoming an expert in Xactimate with Sketch is an essential part of being a complete claim professional with the skill set necessary to quickly evaluate and develop an accurate estimate.

Our all new Xactimate training, with a heavy emphasis on graphical estimation, is designed to meet carriers’ guidelines.

Why should I take this Xactimate with Sketch class?

There are three reasons to take regular Xactimate training:

  1. To gain knowledge and practical skill. This training will increase your speed and accuracy using Xactimate sketch as an estimating skill. This allows you to work more claims per day with less mistakes, improving your bottom-line. Our Xactimate with Sketch Training Courses are a great way to improve your knowledge in Xactimate and efficiency writing claims.
  2. Adding certifications and completing regular training shows employers that you are keeping up with the technology and practices in the insurance claim adjusting field. Insurance carriers, adjusting firms, construction, and restoration firms strive to deploy those who possess the ability to adapt quickly and close claims with limited supervision. Those who continue to train and develop their adjusting skills will always be first deployed.
  3. This class is designed to identify those who can comprehend Xactimate Sketch concepts and successfully apply them to insurance claim scenarios. Claim Professionals who complete this class will be more equipped to compete for the positions that become available this year in this lucrative and exciting profession.

Who is the instructor?

Training will be provided by Xactware Certified Trainer Barry Smith who is a licensed, experienced adjuster. He will be able to relate directly to your issues, as he has adjusting experience in both daily claims and catastrophe claims. Along with adjusting experience, he has a background in construction, remodeling, restoration, and training. He understands how to get the most out of a classroom environment and will work at making your experience relaxed and pressure free.

These classes have been tailored to the needs of today’s claim professional by your instructor. The insurance claim industry, especially the software aspect of it, is constantly changing and evolving. Our instructor is continually updating his training and working in the field to keep up to date on the latest developments. We assure you that you will gain valuable knowledge and skills to become more proficient, more marketable, and more profitable.

What is included in the training?

Our Xactimate training encompasses all the necessary foundational concepts, components, features, and benefits of Xactimate featuring Sketch. The curriculum will be augmented with a training syllabus, electronic training aides, and live Xactimate instruction. Students will be given a take home exam to be completed and emailed back to the instructors.

Is an official Xactimate certificate provided for the course?

Yes. Xactware certified trainers can issue official Xactimate certificates on successful completion of the course.You will also receive the foundation, direction, and resources you need to prepare for the level I, II or III Xactware Certification. You are encouraged to complete the Xactware certification directly from their website on your own time after completing the course.

What will the class size be?

Small class sizes create a better learning environment. Class size will be maintained at a student to instructor ratio of approximately 12 to 1.

Why the low class fee?

The Professional Adjuster Academy is committed to building the most trained and experienced roster of claim professionals for some of the companies and firms with whom we are affiliated. These classes assist them in their marketing efforts and allows them to follow through with their promises to carriers and their customers.

Where can I take the class?

With the economic environment as it is, we are trying to make it easy and cost effective for claim professionals to take our training. Live Webinar Online Training via Web Ex has given The Professional Adjuster Academy the ability to deliver high impact and effective training at an affordable price.

We are also bringing the training to you. We will be offering training throughout the United States this spring and summer in Live Classroom Seminars.

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